Art + Coffee in Downtown Honolulu

A string of new coffee shops has been causing quite the buzz in Downtown Honolulu, one of which focuses on eclectic art and vintage collectibles from around the world.

Art Cafe Nostalgia took over a small space on the ground floor of the Pacific Guardian Center and prides itself on having a noise-free environment. Unlike most large coffee chains, where grinding coffee beans drown out every conversation, Art Cafe tends to be a lot more peaceful. And it’s all thanks to the use of a French press brewing device that makes each sip more enjoyable. In addition to coffee, Art Cafe sells fresh-baked pastries, desserts and works of art!

That’s probably what makes Art Cafe stand out from the rest. An assortment of unique portrait paintings spruce up the beige-colored walls. The owner herself is a painter, so you know this stuff is legit. Cute vintage furniture creates a homier ambiance, as if you were having biscuits and tea at grandma’s.

I had first heard about the shop through my mom, who works in the same building as Art Cafe. She stopped in for a cup on her way to the office but only out of curiosity. Before the coffee place took over, there was a small jewelry store she had been so used to seeing. Now, she makes it a regular morning stop.

Photos Courtesy: Cathy Navares


• Pacific Guardian Center, 737 Bishop St., Honolulu, HI 96813 • 808-371-8763

Posted by: Bruce Fisher