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Fixing Waikiki Erosion

How did we temporarily fix the fast-eroding Waikiki shoreline?

With loads of sand from other parts of Kuhio Beach. The city closed Kalakaua Avenue for about 20 minutes on Thursday, to bring in heavy machinery, and has been working on the covering concrete slabs exposed in this recent bout of erosion.

The beach left of the Duke statue will remain closed from 10 p.m. to midnight on Thursday, as crews move in the sand. On Tuesday at the same time, crews will pour sand over old structures in the ocean. This is when the tide will be at its lowest.

Speaking of tides, many familiar with the area believe it wasn’t so much high surf that caused the shoreline to erode but rather drastically-changing tides – from an extremely high to an extremely low tide and so and and so forth. Both have managed to scoop out chunks of the shoreline.

Again, this is a temporary fix, but no word yet on what the city plans to do as a long-term solution. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 19, 2013