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Disappearing Waikiki Beach

If you strolled down Waikiki Beach in 2012, you might recall the huge (30-feet-plus) mountains of sand plopped along the shoreline. A sight for sore eyes, for sure, but also a project to widen the iconic beach and prevent it from eroding.

A year later, and the situation still does not appear to be any more pleasant on the eyes. Despite state efforts, erosion still found its way to Waikiki. Portions of the beach near the Duke statue have washed away, revealing big cement slabs and sharp metal rods. Officials used caution tape to rope off the area from beach-goers.

But what will the state do to fix this problem “for good?“

That’s what many have been asking. Some beach boys blame last year’s project for the latest signs of erosion. The state removed two concrete jetties at both ends of the shoreline, which is likely the cause of more water rushing in. According to a news report by KITV 4, the chunks of beach disappeared in a matter of 10 or so days! Scary and very sad. Imagine what it would look like in a year.

As my friend said in a recent post, it is almost like Mother Nature trying to seek revenge on us because no matter how hard we try, erosion seems to find its way to the islands. Sadly, it has been an issue for the north, east and south shores of Oahu. Hopefully the state can come up with a solution that will spare the beauty of our beaches forever.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 17, 2013