Vintage Fashion from BoxEleven

I first learned about BoxEleven when a friend of mine showed up in a darling maxi dress she got on Maui. Eager to get one of my own, I hopped right on to the women’s clothing website – only to find that most of their items were “Sold Out.”

That meant one of two things: either the Maui boutique had been so popular, they could not keep up with demand, or BoxEleven had something big in store. Turns out, the boutique had plans to expand to Oahu – starting with a small collection of expertly-sewn dresses, skirts and lace-pocket tops at Global Village in Kailua. The designer herself, Katie Browne, also made her debut at the soft opening.

Eventually the entire line will be sold at Cottage by the Sea in Ward Warehouse. How to tell BoxEleven a part from the rest on the rack? Look for multiple vibrant patterns incorporated into the outfit, like busy florals and burgundy stripes. Although it may sound like a fashion disaster, Browne manages to make each piece of the puzzle fit.

Like many small local businesses, BoxEleven takes a sustainable approach to fashion by reclaiming fabrics and using them in her garments. Fashion that is beautiful both inside and out, and could very likely have a piece of vintage, revived. Who knows, the fabric adornment in that skirt you want to get could be part of an old muumuu or aloha shirt.

I am all about supporting local but more so, about supporting the little guys in the business, like BoxEleven or any boutique for that matter. What’s cool, too, is that Katie has been putting her college degree to good use – as a University of Hawaii Maui Fashion Technology graduate.

Photo Courtesy: BoxEleven Facebook Fan Page



Posted by: Bruce Fisher