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Whales Wave Hello

Guess who’s baaaaack?!

The humpback whales have officially made their first appearance in the Hawaiian Islands, kicking off the 2013-14 whale-watching season. The Pacific Whale Foundation reported the first humpback spotting in waters off of Maui this past weekend.

Whales usually show up around October, so they’re actually right on time this year. The sighting happened right in front of an excited crew and passengers aboard the Pacific Whale Foundation’s vessel. The whale seemed to be headed toward Maalaea Bay, according to a news release.

“I was the first to spot a single bole on our way out on the port side,” said the Ocean Voyager’s captain, in the release. “I couldn’t believe it, so I headed in that direction.”

The whales come from the North Pacific, and along the way, mate, give birth and nurse their calves. But they do not arrive in the islands at once. If you want to spot a whale on your own, your best bet would be between the months of January and March. Hop on a boat tour or sit on the beach with a pair of binos in hand. Either way, you are bound to see one!

Happy whale watching!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 10, 2013