Lakers House on the Hawaii Island

We already know that Hawaii has some hardcore sports fanatics. So hard core that one Lakers fan painted his entire home the prideful purple and gold color scheme. It has been the talk of the island ever since, and now, it’s a popular stop for tourists to take pictures of.

As always, we should respect the privacy of those who live here. That’s why my friend who took this pic did so while driving by. I heard that the owner of the home is also a principal of a local school. But, come on, someone who makes their house that decorative is screaming for attention, so I am sure they don’t mind the extra publicity.

The two-story house is on the Hawaii Island, right off of the main road. Those who drive by usually hear about the “Lakers House,” as it has been nicknamed, through word of mouth. I have yet to see it published in any magazines or online sports sites. I think it’s pretty darn cool what they did, and if my dad had his way, he would do the same thing to their house!

As far as Hawaii’s home team goes, residents and visitors are equally supportive. Although, I have not seen something this bold done for the University of Hawaii warriors. but wouldn’t doubt there is something like that out there. Hawaii has A LOT of pride, to say the least.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher