HIFF Expands to Kauai, Hawaii Island

After more than three decades on Oahu, the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) will be expanding its screenings to Kauai and the Hawaii Island as well. Every year, organizers show hundreds of films from across the world – from Asia to Europe and everything in between.

The 33rd annual Hawaii International Film Festival commemorates the 100th anniversary of Hawaii in feature films. That’s an entire century of island history on the big screen. Organizers will screen more than 200 films from 42 countries during the 10-day festival (an additional three days on the neighbor islands).

HIFF’s screenings also includes films “Made in Hawaii,” including:

  • Puamana (Showing at Dole Cannery, Oct. 13 at 6pm) – A documentary featuring interviews, songs and performances by one of Hawaii’s iconic composers, Irmgard Farden Aluli.
  • Dress (Showing at Dole Cannery on Oct. 13 at 12:30 pm and Consolidated Koko Marina on Oct. 15 at 630pm) – A poetic tale of Ben, and his two sons, as they cope with the death of his wife.
  • Seeds of Aloha (Showing at Dole Cannery on Oct. 14 at 6pm and Consolidated Koko Marina on Oct. 16 at 1pm) – Follows the story of slack-key guitarist George Kahumoku Jr.
  • Railroading Paradise (Showings at Dole Cannery on Oct. 18 at 630pm and Consolidated Koko Marina on Oct. 19 at 330pm) – Follows the Sierra Club and their role in maintaining Oau’s trails.


• www.hiff.org

Posted by: Bruce Fisher