Rain, Rain Go Away

I always feel bad for tourists when it rains in Hawaii. To think that they might have spent their entire life savings on a so-called tropical getaway – only to see it wash away in soaking misery.

It’s almost as if that postcard image of blue skies and palm trees seem to slip away with each drop of rain. A dreary, grey gloom that blankets the islands, and you start to think how the weather mimics your mood. Disappointed, yes. Ruined, no. There appears to be an unseen ray of light, after all.

As hard as it may be, don’t let soggy slippers and a dampened do mess with your vacation. Hawaii offers plenty of opportunities for indoor fun – whether it be perusing a museum or watching a movie. Of course, they’re not the same as bronzing on the beach or swimming with dolphins; it’s just a different kind of fun and an alternative way to experience the islands.

I’ve been in a similar situation when traveling to California. Weeks prior to our trip, the weather had been looking pretty positive – high 70s, lots of sunshine. So with a suitcase full of shorts and tank tops, we jetted off to San Diego for a week of surfing, beaching and bronzing. Unfortunately, those plans never materialized – thanks to the thunderstorms that were also on vacay in San Diego.

Of course, I was bummed. Who wouldn’t be? But with a change of clothes, I also changed my attitude. We set out for some outlet shopping and got a chance to explore all the cute coffee shops. Wonderful memories from a trip that turned out to be just as wonderful!