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Molasses Mess in Hawaii

The molasses spill heard round the nation left Hawaii in a sticky situation, to say the least. More than 20,000 fish and other marine species suffocated and died, while businesses suffered huge losses during the nearly two-week mess.

The spill spread just several miles west from hotels and beaches in Waikiki after a pipe leaked into Honolulu Harbor. State officials closed Keehi Lagoon to ocean-goers, including the kayakers, canoe paddlers and parasailers that usually frequent the lagoon.

Although the lagoon has since opened up, many still seem to be hesitant about stepping foot in those waters. I don’t blame them, too. There are plenty of other beaches to choose from that did not get affected by the spill. Even though most of the dead marine species have been cleaned up, just the thought of swimming in those fouled waters makes me cringe. And what about sharks that may be attracted to the dead grub?

While beach-goers still have plenty of options, local ocean businesses do not. Boat tours, parasail rides and jetski rentals have been stuck without customers for about 10 days. That’s a long time for any business to be without income. Even a nearby restaurant had been losing customers due to the horrid stench of dead fish.

There hasn’t been much said about the clean-up yet. Last I heard, they were going to let nature run it’s course and wait for the molasses to dissipate? I sure hope they come up with a better plan than that. Otherwise, they will be waiting a while for the harbor to go back to normal.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 22, 2013