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Toast to Tea in Hawaii

Coffee or tea?

In Hawaii, it seems to be all about the coffee; however, tea is also a market that thrives in the islands – except it doesn’t get nearly as much publicity as coffee for some reason.

To help them out, I figured I’d post about this growing local market. So far, there are several companies that specialize in artisanal Hawaii-grown teas, including Tea Hawaii and Hawaiian Island Teas. Some, like Hawaiian Natural Tea, boasts organic cups of tea, too.

Just like a coffee farm tour, tea companies offer tours of their gardens. Tea Hawaii has beautiful tea estate within the temperate rain forests of Kilauea Volcano. The husband and wife team have an extensive knowledge in teas, infusing a traditional yet contemporary approach to growing the second most popular drink in the world.

They share this knowledge on their tours, as well as the taste of their different tea strains. The couple also demonstrate how they process the tea leaves for the specialty tea and culinary market. As part of a tea series, they will be giving a talk on the health benefits of tea during a Tea Tuesdays event.

Tea is an overall healthy drink – good for your mind, body and soul. So why not get back in touch with those vital parts and toast to tea while in Hawaii?

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 13, 2013