A Cure for Jet Lag?

Jet lag.

Need I say more? It’s the least favorite part about any travelers’ trek that can easily override all those wonderful memories made. We gave you some tips on how to conquer The Lag; now scientists are saying there may soon be an actual cure on its way.

According to the study published in an online journal called “Cell,” scientists have found a genetic mechanism in mice that could stop their body clock from adjusting to changes in patterns of light and dark. A single molecule called SIK1, they discovered, is key to how the mice become in tune with the solar cycle.

Mice are not the only animals involved in remedying jet lag. Something called an ostrich pillow has already hit the market. The portable device enables power naps at anytime, anywhere – by creating a private space within a public one.

Honestly, these pillows are so goofy looking that I would not be caught dead sleeping with one! You put your head and your hands inside of the pillow while sleeping in a forward sitting position…Maybe I’ll just be patient and wait for the jet lag cure that’s to come.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher