Hawaii Shorebreaks Say ‘Cheese!’

When you look to the shore breaks in Hawaii, you’ll notice more than just bodyboarders and surfers in the lineup. Swimmers with water cameras in hand leap into the close-out waves that crash on shore – just to get that perfect shot.

It’s actually pretty entertaining to watch, as the self-made water photogs fearlessly pe into the sandpit of doom, sacrificing not only their sand-free boardshorts but their limbs as well! Talk about dedication.

But it’s dedication that definitely pays off. The shots they end up getting are unbelievable! You’d never think a foot-tall foam ball could ever look so good. I’ve been following Clark Little’s work for a while, but more and more, I’m seeing up-and-comings get shots just as epic. The cool part is that they’re not necessarily using top-notch gear that costs a fortune; they’re using GoPros or iPhones with lifeproof cases.

My friend Mike Sakaba has been experimenting with both. His images are pictured in this post, both taken at Sandy’s with his GoPro. I’m always drawn to the different colors that aren’t often noticed with the naked eye. It’s almost like, for that single moment, the colors reveal themselves for the shot before fizzling back into the ocean.

Zak Noyle is a local surf photographer that also sees the potential floating around the ocean photography scene. That’s why he invited more than three dozen others – from 13 to 60 years old – to showcase their works in his upcoming gallery. The grand opening will be today from 2 to 4 p.m. at Canon Hawaii’s headquarters near Ward Avenue. Stop by and check out Hawaii’s smiling shorebreaks!

Photo Courtesy: Mike Sakaba

Posted by: Bruce Fisher