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Hawaii Road Trip Essentials

Before setting out for a day of Hawaii adventuring, make sure to go prepared. It’s likely that once you leave your hotel, you won’t get back till much later in the day. And if you plan a trip to the North Shore, it will be well after dark before you return.

Here is a quick checklist of things you will need for a day of fun in the sun:

  1. EATS

    If you have a kitchen in your hotel room and are looking to save money, make a couple of sandwiches to pack with you. Not the most exciting thing to eat but definitely saves you the high-calories and prices most places charge. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and snacks for the road. For me, no holoholo (cruise) mission is complete without my iso peanuts!

  2. JAMS

    There’s nothing like some good jams to get your adventure started. Play it in the car or at the beach. It’s the only kind of (ear) candy you won’t regret dabbling in. Zero-calories and so good for the soul.


    No matter if you choose to spend the day at the mall or on the trails, sunscreen and protective sun gear are must-haves in Hawaii. Don’t be fooled either by the gloomy weather. Overcast days are when we’re most prone to getting burnt to a crisp! Leave Hawaii with souvenirs and not a sunburn.


    Although you think you’ve got your whole day planned out, it’s best to bring the “just in case” stuff, too. That includes, jackets, jeans, change of clothes, a nice outfit? You’d be surprised how quickly the weather can go from warm to windy and rainy here. The nice outfit would be if you spontaneously decide on a restaurant with a dress code.


    Whatever you do, don’t forget the camera! You’ll be taking plenty of pictures on the road and at various stops. Bring extra memory cards, chargers, etc. This is almost just as important as food on the list! How else will you remember your trip to Hawaii?

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 4, 2013