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Bruce Fisher Talks Travel

Our very own Bruce Fisher made a guest appearance on local comedian Andy Bumatai’s television series, and lets just say, the filter was OFF.

“Toolin Around” airs every week on KFVE and features people from around the community. Being the travel expert that he is, Bruce talked travel. But more specifically, he talked about every small travel agency’s archenemy – online travel companies, like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.


“One of the biggest offenders is Expedia (because) they have single-handedly ruined the tourism industry in Hawaii,” says Bruce. He goes into explaining how these companies managed to take systematic control over every single hotel’s concierge. Thereby, monopolizing the industry all together.

And although you may get an occasional cheaper rate, you will never get personalized customer service, nor will you have a say in creating your vacation package. Lets not even get into the insurance and cancellation policies…Bottom line? Always go with local travel companies, like Hawaii Aloha Travel (HAT), for the best overall experience.

Our travel agents are experts of the islands that you can trust. Mainly, because they live here! Unlike bigger corporate companies, with agents in Oklahoma attempting to tell you about Hawaii, HAT agents know the ins and outs of Hawaii. Take Bruce, for instance; he has lived here for many years and continues to work hard for his clients.

“They think I’m on an endless vacation,” he says, chuckling and referring to his online presence. “Little do they know, I’m pulling my hair out every day!”

It’s a stressful job, but someone’s gotta do it! Mahalo Bruce and the rest of the HAT ohana for all that you do.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 4, 2013