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Waikiki Sees Changes

We all know that change is inevitable, even for places we know all too well. Take Waikiki, for instance; there has and will continue to be lots of changes for this popular tourist destination, as it strives to meet the growing demands of our visiting population.

You’ll start to notice old faces get made over with newer, more modern facades or completely new features added all together. Zanzabar nightclub, for instance, just shut down after more than a decade of business on the Kalakaua strip. No word yet on what will take its place; however, many who frequent the area hope that crime rates will now be on the decline.

Among the most notable changes to take place in Waikiki would be the redevelopment of the International Marketplace, Waikiki Town Center and Miramar at Waikiki Hotel. It will be replaced with a retail, dining and entertainment space, expected to be completed in 2016. That’s over six acres of land in Waikiki being made over, which sounds like it will be for the better. The redevelopment is supposed to create thousands of construction and permanent jobs.

Compared to just five or 10 years ago, Waikiki has changed immensely. Businesses around the Royal Hawaiian are all fairly new to the island scene. The same goes for the shops near Saratoga Road. Both have been positive changes, in my opinion, because they not only provide more shopping/dining options for visitors but the locals as well. They’ve added some much needed flavor to the area of usuals, upping the dynamics and overall vibe.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 3, 2013