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Pau Hana Doesn’t Have to Be At A Bar

No matter if you’re on vacation or on a 9-5 shift, pau hana (after work, end of day) is a time of day that everyone should enjoy. But it doesn’t have to be spent sitting at a bar; instead, pau hana can be spent swimming at the beach or hiking a new trail. It’s one of my favorite times to be outside in Hawaii. Aside from the cooled-down temperatures, it’s nice to watch long casted shadows dance amongst the trees or across the ocean surface. To hear the waves roll up on shore or the leaves rustle with the trades; there’s definitely something rejuvinating about being in nature during this time of day. Not to mention, the sunsets make a spectacular backdrop for any pau hana celebration. However, seeing a sunset from inside of a bar just isn’t the same as experiencing it and letting your entire being soak in the blanket of soft rays. It’s the kind of sunshine therapy that just can’t be bought. Pictures, of course, are a must. The photographers-at-heart know all about this special time of day when the lighting is pure golden, and photo opps come by the droves. Soon enough, you’ll start to feel just as golden yourself.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 31, 2013