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Mondo Musubi at Rice Fest

Hawaii’s rice enthusiasts are quite an ambitious bunch. Every year, they keep breaking their own records for biggest spam musubi. The last one weighed in at over 600 lbs.! That’s one mondo musubi – consisting of a bed of cooked rice and spam wrapped in a seaweed blanket.

You can bet they’ll be at it again for the 2013 Rice Fest. Carefully shaping the ingredients into an over-sized portion of Hawaii’s favorite snack food. Even if you’re not a fan of spam, watching them go to work is always so fascinating. It seems they’ve got a strategic system in place, functioning in shifts based on the ingredients. The rice crew comes in, then the spam people and finally the giant sheet of seaweed gets wrapped snuggly around. Talk about a team effort.

There’s no denying that rice is Hawaii’s favorite carb. Whether it be at a restaurant as fancy as Roy’s or as low-key as L&L Drive-In, rice will surely make an appearance in your plate. It’s totally true that no plate lunch is complete without two scoops rice, one scoop mac salad. Add the gravy all over, and you’ve got yourself a hearty meal.

Although rice is always the star show at the Rice Fest, it never minds sharing the spotlight with several local talents. Music performances by ukulele virtuoso Honaka & Azita will be there, along with Hawaiian group Kapena. Before that, Chef George “Marvo” Mavrothalassitis (better known as Chef Mavro) puts on a rice-themed cooking demo for all foodies to enjoy.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 31, 2013