Oh Em Gee! Chocolate-Covered Andagi!

The traditional Okinawan doughnut-cupcake-malasada creation is getting a few modern makeovers at Oahu’s annual Okinawan Festival. One involves chocolate, while the other involves bacon.

Imagine these, but covered with chocolate and bacon.

A chocolate-covered andagi sounds about as delectable as it gets when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth. How I wish the weekend festival was near, so that I could quell my salivating taste buds right about now. Original-flavored andagi tastes like a cake doughnut but not as sweet. The round and deep-fried balls of yumminess closely resemble a Portuguese brethren, the malasada, but without the sugar coating.

In a booth over, these fluff balls will also be donning some bacon attire. According to event coordinators, volunteers will be busy wrapping hundreds of andagi in bacon before dumping them into the deep-fryer pool. I’m not totally surprised by the combo since bacon seems to be a real popular ingredient lately in the food industry. The blend of sweet and salty will surely get the party started (in your mouth).

While you can buy andagi throughout the year, these special flavors are only available at the festival. You can bet there will be long lines, too, so get there early before they run out.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher