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Problems Only People From Hawaii Understand (Continued)

We all have issues, even if they’re as minuscule as the stain on your shirt that has bugged you all day. People from Hawaii have issues, too. Issues that maybe we only understand. I came across this hilarious post about such a topic. I thought it would also be a perfect read for visitors because 1) It’s entertaining, and 2) You could pick up several tips about island living. (Post can be found here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mattdekneef/38-problems-only-people-from-hawaii-will-understan-cskf).

I laughed at number 4, “That overwhelming urge to defend the miracle that is spam.” If you winced at the very mention of spam, then…it’s quite obvious that you may not be from Hawaii! Hawaii is obsessed with the “mystery meat” and somehow, incorporates it into every dish possible. In fact, spam is honored every year with a festival called the Spam Jam. Spam is a Hawaii staple. There, I said it.

Number 36 on the list couldn’t be more true either: “Even though you don’t have laces, leaving anyone’s house is going to take an extra minute.” Because a household may have multiple families living there, it’s likely there will also be multiple pairs of footwear scattered in front of the door. Therefore, finding your slippers or sandals might take some time.

Here are a couple others I thought could be added to the list:

– If the surf sucks, play in the mountains instead.

When the islands get hit with a flat spell, many surfers choose to hit the trails instead. The only thing stopping us from hiking would be heavy rains, which we rarely get. But when we do…

– Deciding which waterfall to hike to.

We get waterfalls! Only problem is, deciding on which one to explore can take some thinking because no waterfall is the same. For instance, you can always depend on Maunawilli Falls to have a beautifully-cascading waterfall, but it can get pretty crowded, so that sucks. Ice Ponds in Kalihi, however, doesn’t get as crowded. The pool, though, is not always good for swimming. Decisions, decisions…

– Adding too much li hing mui powder.

There’s nothing worse than upsetting the sweet-salty balance of your li-hing-covered snack. That means you either have to get more snacks to even it out or suck it up – literally – while braving the super-sour treat.

– Owning way too many bathing suits/board shorts.

I admit. I am guilty of owning way too many bikinis – more than I’ll ever wear in a month. Why? I have no idea. Fringe, bandeau, Brazilian…so much to choose from, so little money. I can tell you one thing, though, guys have the same exact problem with board shorts!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 22, 2013