Shark Attacks in Hawaii

That initial pang of terror I’d get after hearing about a shark attack has strangely disappeared. It seems as if the news reports an attack of a beach-goer almost every week, desensitizing my shrills to just a silent shrug of the shoulder.

While I feel terribly sorry for the victims, I am also very confused as to what is going on. I heard on the news that there have been more than 60-something attacks in the past decade. Most of these attacks happened on Maui because there are more people in the water at any given time. This is compared to the other major islands.

While that may be a good guess by the biologist KHON2 interviewed, I have always been told not to enter the ocean during the early morning or evening hours, as well as near a river mouth or in murky waters. Translation: Shark feeding time.

It could have likely been that those who have been attacked may have been mistaken as food. The sharks are out hunting during this time, and with limited visibility in the waters, it could easily mistaken a swimmer for dinner.

Still, I wonder the cause of this recent increase in attacks. Some of my fishermen friends agree that the sharks seem to be getting more aggressive lately. One friend battled with a shark, who tried to steal his catch.

Maybe we’ll never know or maybe we’ll not want to know…

Posted by: Bruce Fisher