Hawaii Cat Becomes Online Superstar

(This one’s for Yogi, our Hawaii Aloha Travel mascot.)

It’s not uncommon to see strays in Hawaii – whether it be dogs or cats. It’s also not uncommon for some good Samaritan to take them to an animal shelter or even take them under their own wing.

That’s what one Hawaii family did when they found a cat in a Waimanalo barn. They took him in, gave him a name (Spot) and from there, hoped he would fit into the fam. Turns out, he did more than just fit in; Spot made himself feel right at home, as shown in this viral video of Spot relaxing on the family dog’s bed:

VIDEO: See Spot stretch.

Spot’s owners started sharing videos and pictures of all the strange things he had done. He got so famous that Spot now has his own agent! His first television debut included a segment on the “Good Morning America” show – with (I’m sure) more appearances to come.

Bruce and Yaling Fisher’s lovable cat Yogi has also become an online sensation of his own – and for good reason. Yogi is one Cool Cat. From hunting birds to lounging on the sofa, his fans keep demanding to see more! Bruce has been keeping them up to date with Facebook posts and albums of Yogi climbing trees or posing with his stylish cheetah-print harness. Some fans visiting Hawaii even asked to meet Yogi in person!

HAT mascot and online star, Yogi.

Yogi just might have found a new partner in crime, however. Adopted sibling Melzie seems to be just as full of life, so it is only a matter of time before the pair take over Hawaii – or at least social media.

Yogi’s new sidekick, Melzie.

Photo Courtesy (Yogi and Melzie): Bruce Fisher