Wonderfully Waikiki


Sipping a mid-day mai tai – taking in the sights and sounds of wonderful Waikiki Beach. Diamond Head seemingly more majestic than you remembered – well, from postcards snail mailed to you by vacationing friends. And the baby-blue skies radiate above all on this glorious day. You make a mental note of the faint glow of wisping white clouds and how it adds a nice touch to the hues of blue.

With a very subtle smile, you fill your lungs with a plume of the fresh tropical air surrounding you. It feels nice, like the tantalizing ocean water that tickles your toes near shore. Nice, like the neat rows of umbrellas dancing before you, but nothing as nice as the mid-day mai still chilled in your hand.

It is upon exhaling, however, that you realize just how real this daydream has become. You realize that you no longer need to imagine because all along, you have been sitting on this beautiful beach – not a care to be had, not a worry to be wasted.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher