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E-Cigs in Hotels

We talked about whether electronic cigarettes are allowed at airports and on planes. But what about hotels?

It seems that, like airports, inpidual hotels make their own decisions on whether e-cigs are allowed or not. There is no one policy declared by an association. Some allow it in both smoking and non-smoking rooms because it doesn’t necessarily have that nicotine residue and secondhand smoke, like regular cigarettes. Other hotels, however, hold true to their no smoking policies and often fine guests who vape anywhere on hotel premises.

Not surprisingly, though, more and more hotels have started to sell e-cigs to guests. At least the chicer, more cutting-edge ones that used to sell regular cigarettes. It seems to be a nice compromise between hotel and guest – where guests get their smoke fix, while hotels get to keep their rooms fresh.

That brings into the picture the non-smoking guests, like myself. Because I also suffer from asthma, I try to avoid smoking of any kind. I would definitely prefer hotels to stick to their non-smoking policies and not attempt to distinguish between the real-thing and the e-thing. Smoking is smoking to me. It seems totally reasonable to set up designated smoking areas, but in the hotel rooms? I rather they keep it separate, as a fair balance between smoking and non-smoking clientele.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 10, 2013