Kakaako Avenue Eats

I remember when the area across of Ward Theatres in Kakaako used to be empty lots of gravel and dust. Today, it is filled with small boutiques and eclectic eateries that will satiate anyone’s cravings for a good time.

Beach-goers migrate here from Ala Moana Beach Park across the street, while people watching movies get a quick bite before their show. It is a nice alternative to expensive dining in Waikiki and the crowds at Ala Moana Shopping Center. Most of the eateries offer sit-down or take-out options for customers. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating in the area as well.

Here’s a list of eateries at this Kakaako development that will surely meet the demands of anyone’s taste buds. Free parking is available at the lot across of Ward Theatres or in the structure attached to the complex.

Kakaako Kitchen

• 808-596-7488 • www.kakaakokitchen.com

Mocha Java Cafe

• 808-591-9023 • www.wardcenters.com/dining/Merchants/MochaJavaCafe.html‎


• 808-596-0066 • www.zpizza.com

Kua Aina

• 808-591-9133 • www.kua-aina.com

Ninja Sushi

• 808-593-9797 • www.ninja-sushi.com

Tango Market

• 808-596-4888 • www.tangomarket.com

Genki Sushi

• 808-597-8404

Ryan’s Grill

• 808-591-9132 • www.ryansgrill.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher