Mt. Tantlus Biking Adventure

Everyday at about 2:30 p.m., a group of bikers zip past my house on Round Top Drive. I always get a kick out of the bits of conversations I manage to gather, especially the ones about how much fun they’re having in Hawaii.

Bike Hawaii hosts the downhill bike tour, which starts at the top of Mt. Tantlus and zig zags through the winding residential roads. The tour ends at a small park in Makiki but before that, takes a quick lunch stop about halfway down the mountain.

While I have not taken the tour myself, I have seen enough of them whiz by to know their exact route and agenda. I also talked to one of the guides during their wind-down at the park. He said that the bike tour is packaged with a waterfall hike in Manoa; otherwise, customers can choose to only do the bike.

Most of the downhill ride is on paved asphalt road; however, there is no sidewalk or bike lane, so bikers must be careful of oncoming cars. A Bike Hawaii van usually follows the group from behind; that way, no cars will overtake the group. It seems safety is the number one concern for Bike Hawaii, as riders are always wearing helmets.

The ride seems very mellow and not very strenuous, since bikers are mostly braking downhill. I see children and adults taking the downhill tour, so that says a lot. Best of all, biking this route is a unique way to get a panoramic view of Honolulu’s cityscape, as well as a peak into residential life.


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Posted by: Bruce Fisher