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Hawaii Fashion Month

Dress your best this fall.

October in the islands will be Hawaii Fashion Month, meant to drum up support for local designers, retailers, manufacturers and artists. The month-long event also strives to promote Hawaii as a fashion destination, where people around the world see the islands’ fashion scene as more than just bikinis and board shorts.

Those involved call Hawaii an international retail destination that can be boosted even further with the help of local talent. Visitors are likely to see this talent at craft fairs, markets and boutiques. The unique island-style jewelry pieces made with shells and sea glass are definitely among the most popular accessories. Also, bikinis have taken on a sexier, more fashionable look for women who plan to lounge by the pool or get active in the ocean.

Various facets of fashion will be showcased during the month of October through workshops, shows and factory tours. There will be a huge kick-off event (location to be determined), as well as several fashion shows at Ala Moana, the Royal Hawaiian Center and the Hawaii State Art Museum.

Together, the state and City and County of Honolulu contributed more than $160,000 toward this first-ever Hawaii Fashion Month, according to a report by Pacific Business News. The overall hope is that the month-long celebration will become an annual international event that attracts visitors from around the world.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 4, 2013