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Traveling With E-Cigs in Hawaii

Electronic cigarettes have been powering up throughout the world, as people wanting to quit smoking turn to this smokeless, odorless alternative. Perhaps the biggest perk about e-cigs, however, is that they can supposedly be smoked “anywhere.”

Many travelers have been wondering if the term “anywhere” includes airports and airplanes. Smoking in an airport all depends on the airports themselves; some have 100-percent-smoke-free policies for their passenger terminals, airline clubs and non-public work areas. Airports on all Hawaiian Islands declare themselves smoke-free; therefore, smoking an e-cig is not allowed.

This oftentimes leads to confusion, since policies vary from state-to-state. Some ban smoking completely, while others allow e-cigs but prohibit cigarettes. Your best bet is to check with airport officials before powering up. E-cigarettes run on batteries, heating up liquid containing nicotine to produce vapor. That’s why it is also called a vaporizer (or vapo, for short).

From what I have witnessed, e-cigs are allowed in carry-on bags. Currently, there is no law against e-cigarettes in the FAA handbook; however, that could possibly change in the near future. These cigarettes are a fairly new venture for smokers; therefore, not many people even know what they are – including flight attendants (according to some encounters I’ve read about online).

Using an e-cig on the airplane, however, is prohibited by federal regulations. Passengers who do not comply with the no-smoking ban may face a fine between $1,100 to $11,000.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 31, 2013