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Natural Disaster? Don’t Let Your Guard Down

It’s always good news when a natural disaster turns out to be far from a “disaster.” Perhaps it was a milder, less-severe hurricane or tropical storm that did minimal damage to properties and spared lives – a scenario Hawaii has become all too familiar with in recent years.

But does that mean we let down our guards and assume the next one will be just as friendly to us?

Absolutely not. It was a little disappointing to see some of the reactions on social media after Flossie passed through without much of a disruption to our daily lives. People mocked the media hype, even saying they were bummed the “hurricane” didn’t put on more of a show. One picture comes to mind; two lawn chairs with one knocked over. Below it said, “Flossie is coming…” or something like that.

Call me a kill joy, BUT shouldn’t we be thanking the media for their round-the-clock coverage in helping us better prepare for what could have truly been a disaster? Or even just giving thanks that the hurricane wasn’t hyped up to what it was supposed to be?

Fortunately, Hawaii has not seen a hurricane as destructive as Hurricane Iniki since it hit the islands in 1992. It caused more than a billion dollars in damage and took the lives of six people. Since then, it has been a series of “false alarms,” as many have called it. But, still, you just never know what will come our way…

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 31, 2013