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Traveling With Goodies from Hawaii

Everytime I visit Kauai, I end up leaving with a lot more goodies than planned. Mochi, manju, Kauai Kookie cookies and a couple bags of poi make the trip to Oahu before getting devoured by family and friends. Since the ban on plastic bags, however, it has become more and more difficult to bring back all those eats.

Out of desperation, I stuffed a paper bag (with handles) to the brim with goodies right before our flight home. Luckily, we had some packing tape, so I secured the handles and bottom. Ghetto, I know. I still had some hesitations, reminiscing how easy it was with plastic, but decided that supporting the bottom of the bag with one hand would be the safest bet.

If you couldn’t already tell, I am pretty serious about my goodies! Going through the check-in, security and then to the gate wasn’t all that bad. It just made me nervous how the bag could rip at any minute or with any given step forward. To be honest, carrying that paper bag through an airport was a pain in the butt.

Next time, I will plan ahead and pack several reusable bags to bring to Kauai. Those are the best because they are so versatile; not to mention, they’re really h3 when it comes to carrying heavy items. If you forget to pack reuseable bags, then most grocery stores sell them for cheap (no more than $3). However, you will get a nicer variety from a local boutique.

Happy shopping and hopefully your island goodies won’t end up on the tarmac.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 30, 2013