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Flying During Flossie

A tropical storm will be headed to Hawaii in less than 24 hours. Experts forecast Flossie will do the most damage to the Hawaii Island, since it is on track to make landfall there first. Also still on track are those Hawaii vacations planned months ago, which begs the question of how Flossie will affect flights.

If you are supposed to fly to or from Hawaii within the next few days, then be sure to check with your airlines on up-to-date information. Most times, information regarding delays due to weather or other emergency situations will be posted to their websites or social media accounts. Make sure to sign up for alerts via e-mail, text or voice message.

While a natural disaster during a vacay is obviously a big bummer, the good news is that you can still enjoy your trip – just at a later time. Most airlines will allow you to change your flight free of charge. This also means you will have to make changes to your hotel and car rental arrangements; however, I would suggest finding out from those companies their policies in such situations.

If you will be stuck in Hawaii during the thick of the storm, then it is still very important that you prepare. First thing would be to find out from the hotel you’re staying at if there are any emergency or evacuation plans in place; if so, what are they? Also, head to the nearest grocery store and stock up on some water, non-perishable foods, flash lights, batteries, etc. While hotels may have supplies on hand, it is not always a guarantee nor is it a guarantee those supplies will last – given there are hundreds of guests.

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Photo Courtesy: NOAA

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 28, 2013