No Smoking at Oahu Beaches, Parks, Bus Stops

My lungs thank the City and County of Honolulu for banning smoking at all city parks, beaches, athletic fields and bus stops. Before this, only a few places had been dubbed a smoke-free zone.

The expanded law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2014 for the island of Oahu only. It is the start of a statewide effort to reduce cigarette-butt litter and second-hand smoke in public areas. The Honolulu mayor signed Bills 25 and 28 into law, with specifications as follows:

Bill 25:

No smoking at recreation areas, such as tennis courts, softball fields and public pools. However, lighting up will be allowed at municipal golf courses.

Bill 28:

No smoking within 20-foot perimeter around all Oahu bus stops. Law breakers will have to pay $100 fine upon the first offense and an increase from there with each additional citation.

As an asthmatic, I am especially happy that I don’t have to hold my breath anymore while walking past someone lighting up. I also don’t have to move spots on the beach to escape a trail of smoke. It just makes sense to have clean air wherever possible, and I am looking forward to other islands following suit in the near future.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher