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Healthier Options at Living Foods

Going on a vacation doesn’t have to mean your diet (or health) goes on one, too. There are always better options when it comes to what you put in your tummy.

This could mean either ordering a salad at a restaurant or perhaps choosing a healthier eatery all together, like Living Foods Market & Cafe. The cute boutique-like health food store on Kauai closely resembles a Whole Foods in style and set-up, except, with closer ties to the islands.

As Kauai’s largest selection of organic, sustainable produce, Living Foods strives to fuel the “Buy Local” mantra among residents and visitors. Of course, buying local at this particular market does not mean it is going to be cheap. Everything is a tad bit more expensive than a regular grocery store, like Big Save or Sueoka’s.

In addition to groceries, Living Foods also has a small bistro that serves made-to-order breakfast and lunch items. A European-inspired menu of paninis and pizzettas and crepes has become its main attraction. Make sure to try the ham and gouda crepe or the Davolo pizzetta.

If we are headed in that direction, we like to start our day off at their juice and coffee bar. Definitely a must for those wanting to get a caffeine boost, since you’ll quickly discover there are few coffee shops to come by on the south side. After trying their mocha today, I have to say, it is definitely a tie with Kalaheo Coffee & Cafe.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 22, 2013