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Cruising Chinatown on Two Wheels

In Hawaiian, holoholo means to cruise, and that’s exactly the purpose behind Holoholo Bicycles. The bike rental shop in Chinatown offers 30 brand-new cruiser bikes ready to be used by visitors and locals hoping to explore this part of town.

Renting a bike can be quick and dirty: Pay the $35 for two hours, jump on a bike and go for a joyride! The bikes come with a cutsie basket, great for beach towels and some snacks; they also come with a lock and helmet. Eventually, the shop will be offering pre-packed baskets with snacks and bottled water. Sort of like those hotel snack baskets for purchase, except this one’s on wheels. What a great idea!

As quoted on @holoholo_bicycles Instagram: “Launching the newest thing to come to Honolulu- Holoholo Bicycles- Liberating the Modern Traveler. #bicycles#ridehonolulu #rideabike #holoholo#local”

The best way of exploring a place would be simply to roam or, in this case, roll. Just make sure to ride in designated bike paths; otherwise be extra cautious when going on the roadways with motor vehicle traffic.

Those who find comfort in a planned-out route can ask employees at Holoholo Bicycles. They will give you the scoops on places to see, eat and shop at. Bike rentals run about $35 per day for residents; otherwise, it’s $35 for two hours, $55 for three hours and $75 all day.


• 34 N. Hotel St., Honolulu, HI 96817 • Opens daily 9am-6pm • For more info, e-mail adam@holoholobicycles.com

Photo Courtesy: @holoholo_bicycles

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 13, 2013