Pit Stop in Nalo

The only reason I’d bother stopping at the Waimanalo Shopping Center is one, to eat, or two, to see the famous bronze statue of Japanese sumo grand champion Akebono. There’s really not much else to see or do there.

But as a quick, convenient stop for food or fuel, the shopping center does its job. There’s a Jack-in-the-Box, Subway and I’m pretty sure a plate lunch place. A gas station sits right off of the road for easy access to refuel.

On second thought, there is one place in particular I make sure to stop at when I’m in the mood to splurge on calories. That’d be the good ‘ole Dave’s Ice Cream. It’s a typical ice cream parlor, where you choose your flavors for a cone or cup concoction. But what sets them a part from the others is that they serve locally-made ice cream, like Roselani Ice Cream.

Tourists would especially enjoy the photo op provided by the previously-mentioned Akebono statue. It used to be hidden off to the side of the shopping center, but it’s a good thing people started to complain. The statue was eventually moved to the middle of the shopping center, where it is more easily viewed by people passing by.

The Waimanalo Shopping Center is easily recognizable because of its long red roof. It’s about 15 minutes from Kailua and Waimanalo Beach Park, but mostly, it’s “on the way.” On the way to both popular landmarks, so if you need to make a pit stop for food or fuel, the shopping center would be your best bet.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher