Hawaiian Style Pies

You know it’s not your typical surf shop when – in addition to selling boards and bikinis – it also sells fresh-baked pies. But not just any pie. Holy’s Pies that are shipped weekly from the Hawaii Island.

One of our friends works there and says the pies sell like crazy. The tourists and locals who come through their shop have a look of pie in their eye. They know to go straight to the register, where a refrigerator full of them stands as tall as the boards they sell.

What makes these pies such a hit? The filling, of course. Plumped with the savory goodness of fresh peach, apples, pears or coconut, these pies are to die for. Maybe I’m biased because I love anything from the Hawaii Island, but I can tell you one thing. I’m not the only one who agrees! The pies ship every Monday and usually sell out within a couple of days. People buy pies by the armfuls.

There used to be a Holy’s store in Manoa, but now, I think Hawaiian Style is the only place to carry them. That probably explains why it’s so in demand at Hawaiian Style. You just can’t get them anywhere else. I will say that it is quite expensive, though. One pie costs about $18! Most likely because of the commute it takes to get to Oahu. But that hasn’t stopped customers from buying them like hot cakes. Go halfsies with a friend so you can try the pie at least once.


• 1714 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96814 • Opens Mon-Sun 930am-7pm

Photo Courtesy (second): Hawaiian Style Facebook

Posted by: Bruce Fisher