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Enjoying The View

Ahh, this view.

I almost forgot about it until recently, but a spontaneous decision to pull off the Pali Highway reminded me of just how much I needed it. There’s something about the hues of greens and blues that puts you into an instant trance of calmness. Or perhaps it’s the cool island breeze that dance along the Koolau mountains.

Whatever it is, or was, at that moment made me so glad to be standing at that very spot. A spot where I could take in the wonderfully breathtaking views of Oahu’s lush windward side without a worry or a care, really. Everything seemed right.

It’s funny that no matter where in the world I travel, I always end up day dreaming about Hawaii. I dream of fluffy white clouds, a vast blue Pacific ocean and views like this one to come home to. I dream of warm weather and sand between my toes. But mostly, I dream of how thankful I am to call this place my home.

You, too, can experience this view and share in the peaceful ways of the island. All it takes is some patience and a dash of spontaneity in really learning to appreciate the little things in life. Little things that aren’t necessarily listed in guide books or on social media but rather paint the bigger picture of this so-called life.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 9, 2013