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I’m Blue (Da Bu Dee) in Hawaii

It was a certain shade of blue for Oahu this summer, as the broadway-famous Blue Man Group colored the island’s entertainment scene for the first time ever. The three bald and blue characters are known for combining wit, humor and visual appeal into one on-stage “randomonium.”

Emphasis on the word “random” because there were some pretty bizarre scenes strung together for the two-hour performance. It’s not to say that randomness is a bad thing but rather that it’s important to go in with an opened mind. Luckily, my mind’s usually pretty opened, so I could laugh at their weirdness. However, the older couple next to me – not so much. They walked out.

Let me elaborate on weirdness…barfed up Twinkie concoctions, oversized hen heads and plumbing pipes for musical instruments. And while the show itself has no set storyline or plot, they somehow blend together into an organized chaos.

In addition to the randomonium that is the Blue Man Group, the performances are also known for their extraordinary set of neon colors, live techno and glowing paint. The first few rows wore panchos, which came in especially handy for the scenes involving drumming with paint.

The performances at the Blaisdell surely won’t be the last. It seemed the Hawaii audience reacted well to the three bald and blue men on opening night. Laughter rolled through the concert hall from the very get-go, as bouts of cheers swelled during each scene. Even the audience members chosen to go on stage seemed to be having a blast.

However, the very end of the show happened to be the most fun for the audience. Like a rock and roll concert, we got up on our feet and followed the prompts for top rock concert moves, like the “raise the roof” and “shake your keister…” Whatever that was! Oversized lantern-type balls bounced around the concert hall, like it was our very own rave. We were definitely having too much fun in blue!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 28, 2013