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A Royal Invitation in Hawaii

You are cordially invited to the bestowal of the order of Honorary Alii Knight Companion, 7th degree to Roman Catholic Bishop Larry Silva.

While it may sound like an excerpt from medieval folklore, it’s actually happening and in present day, tool. The investiture ceremony is scheduled for June 25 at 6 p.m. at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace.

What exactly is the Royal Order of Kamehameha and who is Bishop Larry Silva? The Royal Order is a Knightly Order established in 1865 by King Kamehameha V in defense of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Bishop Silva, now 63, is the only one of 10 bishops of Hawaii’s Catholic Church who was born in the islands, according to Hawaii News Now. Pope Benedict XVI chose him to be Bishop of Honolulu in 2005.

The invitation itself states that “Bishop Silva has gained the respect and admiration of the High Chiefs, Chief, Officers, Mamo Hawaii and Na Wahine Hui o Kamehameha I for his ecumenical spirit of aloha, kindness sensitivity to our island ways and for his love of the Hawaiian culture and all cultures for people from around the world who call Hawaii home.”

The ceremony in downtown Honolulu will feature the Honorary Alii Robert Alm as guest speaker and a prelude concert by the Royal Hawaiian Band. Reception is to follow the investiture.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 25, 2013