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Starry Skies Blanket the Honolulu Night Market

The Honolulu Night Market is a smorgasbord of art, acrobats, music and other cultural delights. It happens every third Saturday of the month in the urban district of Kakaako, attracting an array of human beings from across the island.

Out of all the street festivals in Hawaii, this one is – by far – my favorite because it celebrates more than just ethnicity but rather a culmination of modern-day musings. The monthly event has easily become the driving force behind Kakaako’s quickly-evolving persona as an arts and culture district. Similar to how First Fridays turned Honolulu’s Chinatown area from drab to fab.

With how much is crammed into the few closed-off streets of the Night Market, however, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the busyness. I would suggest mapping out your route of attractions to hit up by first checking the event website. We went straight to the food booths and got some Ono Empanadas, as the eatery was appropriately named. A fleet of Eat the Street food trucks also rolled up to a nearby parking lot with more local eats.

As we wandered over to the actual “market” aspect of the night, we couldn’t help but stop to watch the street performers. One young crooner, in particular, sang acoustic love songs for a small crowd enjoying their food. Farther down, kid acrobats showed off their strength and agility 10-feet up in the air. The pop-up bar scene of outdoor cocktail tables and tents looked pretty packed. I think it was open bar? Unless that was just a hopeful rumor.

And the art…Art everywhere! As soon as you drive into the Kakaako area, you notice huge abstract murals that color the once-dreary parts of the district. Local artists, in particular, look forward to sharing their creations at this monthly venue. Like paint on a canvas, their art booths were scattered all over the block party but mostly inside the barn house bizarre of handmade crafts – also known as The Market.

The Market is very similar to the monthly Art and Flea at Fresh Cafe, where DIYers, thirfters and hipsters hop on the bandwagon of creativity. Lots of intricate jewelry pieces, hand-sewn bikinis and wearable art for the guys. Simply put, something for every shopper, and something for everyone at the Night Market.


• Third Saturday of the month • 683 Auahi St., Honolulu, HI 96813 • www.honolulunightmarket.com • Limited metered street parking

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 20, 2013