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Under The Radar Update

Just because the new season of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race hasn’t aired on television yet doesn’t mean we can’t get a little insider info from the social media networks! We’ve got your under-the-radar update based on what we’ve seen and heard on Facebook and Twitter, so keep supporting Hawaii and show your aloha for food truck members Lanai, Adam and Shawn.

Before embarking to Chicago, the Aloha Plate Truck made its way to St. Paul, Minneapolis, where we heard the competition went great for them. And wouldn’t you know, SPAM was the secret ingredient for the challenge; we couldn’t believe these local boys’ luck! If you didn’t know, Hawaii is one of the places that uses SPAM on the regular. Wrap it with rice for a musubi, mix it into your stir-fry, or fry it in with your eggs. Hawaii loves their canned spam. There’s even a spam festival every year in Waikiki, called the SPAM JAM!

We heard that Minneapolis really showed their support for the Aloha Plate Truck, and many Hawaii affiliates came out to the truck location. It was even mentioned on Twitter that a kanikapila (Hawaiian jam/music session) occurred in the streets, right in front of the truck. What a great way to spread the aloha. Lanai, Adam and Shawn honed in on their local cooking skills and concocted Teri-Spam Sandwiches, which we heard through Twitter were sold out in less than 30 minutes. Chef Adam must be cooking up some ono grinds for it to fly out of the truck window THAT quickly.

The next stop on the route around the country is the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. And here’s a quick recap of where they’ve been so far… From Los Angeles to San Francisco to Portland to Idaho, then Rapid City (South Dakota) to Minneapolis and now to Chicago. If you do the math, given there are two weeks left to go in the race and 8 trucks started off in the beginning of the race, with one being eliminated each week… I’d say the Aloha Plate Truck is now in the top 3 or 4 contestants left.

But we don’t know anything for sure, and anything we hear is all based from Twitter and Facebook. Regardless, it’s been an epic journey so far, and we can’t wait to find out more about our food truck friends from Hawaii! Keep up the good work Aloha Plate Truck team!

Photos By: Bruce Fisher

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 15, 2013