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‘I Believe I Can Fly’

The 90s hit song “I Believe I Can Fly” relived its glory days when stranded passengers started singing it on a plane in Vegas. They were on their way to Phoenix, except it took five hours to get there, and the musical debut? It was a nice comic relief to the disastrous departure.

The poor Allegiant Air passengers got stuck on, not one, but two planes at McCarran International Airport. They boarded the first, only to get pulled back to the tarmac after almost departing. Then, they had to board a second airplane, which got pushed back to the terminal. But this time, the passengers weren’t allowed to get off of the plane.

So they sat there in 110-degree heat without air or water. Some got nose bleeds and were throwing up. Truly a horrible situation for any traveler to be in, but instead of continuing to get mad about it, they decided to laugh it off. Here’s a video a passenger took while sitting on the final flight of passengers belting out the R. Kelly song.

Most would think that, given their situation, the passengers would be belligerent by now, screaming and yelling. But instead, the video shows an exact opposite reaction. Passengers with huge grins, laughing and waving their hands to the rhythm of the song. It’s actually quite uplifting to watch and will serve as a good reminder the next time any of us get delayed at an airport.

Their treatment was, no doubt, unfair, as there was no explanations or complimentary services. The heat in itself could have killed someone. Allegiant was lucky to have such an optimistic group of passengers; otherwise, things could have gotten real ugly.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 14, 2013