Tatted on Hawaii Vacation

Getting a tattoo while on a Hawaii vacation can be a thrilling experience; a step away from the norm for most travelers – yet a lifelong reminder of a wonderful Hawaiian getaway.

But it can also be a sacrifice for vacationers who want to enjoy the sun, sand and surf to its fullest potential. There is a strict two-week healing process after getting inked, and one of the major no-no’s would be not exposing a tat to the ocean, sand, sun, pool, hot tub, bathtub, lake or river – pretty much everything Hawaii’s about.

So what is there to do if you can’t go to the beach or pool? We went into depth in a past post called “Skipping the Sun in Hawaii,” but basically, there’s shopping, museum hopping or indoor fun, like go-karting, indoor mini golf or bowling. You could go to the movies or have pau hana drinks at a bar near the beach for some true ocean therapy.

But perhaps to really make the most of your Hawaii vacation and not sacrifice too much, you could schedule your tattoo at the end of a trip. That way you can have your fun, too, while leaving with a lasting memory of the islands.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher