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Cruising Kapi‘olani Bike Path

If you’re renting a bike or going for an evening stroll in town, then Kapiolani Park is the safest place to do that. A bike path circles the grassy park below Diamond Head Crater and makes it easy for runners/walkers/joggers/bikers to really get in a good workout.

Although dozens of people use the bike path throughout the day, it never feels like it’s overcrowded because they usually come in waves. Plus, the park is H U G E – 170 acres huge – and the path itself is pided to service two-way traffic, so you’re never bumping into each other.

Unlike the North Shore path, which goes parallel to the coast, Kapiolani’s path circles the area below the crater. But the park is so big that it doesn’t necessarily feel like you’re going in circles. There’s always something cool to see when cruising along the path.

Starting from Honolulu Zoo and going clockwise, the path takes you through a shaded section of the park – where you can watch rugby and soccer matches from afar. You’ll eventually come across an area with some fitness equipment and a historic water fountain. Continuing, you’ll see tennis courts, the Waikiki Aquarium across the street and then the Kapiolani Band Stand. If you’re lucky, you might even hear the Royal Hawaiian Band playing.

The path is flat and has public restrooms and drinking fountains throughout. Make sure to bring coins for the metered parking, too. Most people will expand their stroll around the park by walking on the beachfront bike path. That way, you also get a nice scenic view of Waikiki Beach.

KAPIOLANI PARK • 2805 Monsarrat Ave., Honolulu, HI 966815

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 8, 2013