An Early Fourth in Waikiki

Every year for more than a decade, Fourth of July comes a little early in Waikiki when a huge fireworks show lights up the skies. It’s become one of the biggest displays in the state, but what exactly does it celebrate?

As odd as it may sound, it’s actually in celebration of a Japanese make-up company’s annual convention. Royal Cosmetics Co. Ltd. holds it in Waikiki and has being doing so for the past 15 years. After looking at their Facebook page, I want to work for them! The company seems to have cosmetic conventions all over the globe, with Hawaii as one of many destinations.

Back to the fireworks, though. Don’t expect it to be small, like the ones we’re treated to every Friday near the Hilton. This show launches offshore in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and features more than 10,000 fireworks. What makes this one a little different is that the show is synchronized with music!

Every year, tourists and visitors line the shores of Waikiki in anticipation of this free event. The best seats are probably from a hotel balcony, but you don’t have to be in Waikiki to see the show. Avoid the crowds, and watch it from Kakaako or Diamond Head.

FIREWORKS SHOW • Show starts at 8:40pm, Tues. June 4, 2013 (Free) • In Waikiki, offshore in front of Royal Hawaiian Hotel