A Happy Hanalei Pier

Splashing sounds of kids jumping into Hanalei Bay means the historic pier is back in business. It underwent a major facelift that closed the pier for several months. Now with a brand-new canopy covering, beach-goers can enjoy this part of the bay once again.

Because of the salt air and surf, the canopy had deteriorated over time and became a major safety hazard for visitors. I went to the pier a few years ago and already noticed the rusty spots in the tin roof and gaping holes in the concrete pillars. It looked like the shack could collapse with the next gust of wind. Thankfully, it never did, and the community was able to pull together its resources for a major repair project.

The renewed canopy looks great; h3 and secure in its concrete foundation for everyone to enjoy. After all, the pier itself is a National Historic Landmark, serving as a major hub in the early 20th century for rice and sugar transportation between Hawaii and the rest of the world.

It was also featured on several major motion pictures, including “The Descendants” and “South Pacific.” It’ll be making many more big-screen debuts, I’m sure. Much mahalo to the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay for making this project a priority. The club raised more than $170,000 for its rebuilding.

Now, to make new memories at the new Hanalei Pier.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher