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Poop in Public Pools

Think twice before splashing into a pool while on vacation. A study found that more than half of the pools tested had evidence of poop.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collected samples from filters at 161pools in the metro-Atlanta area. They tested public and private pools and pools that were in water parks. The samples showed that 58-percent of it contained E. coli, a major indicator of fecal matter.

Yuck!!! It’s likely the poop got there because swimmers failed to take a thorough shower before getting into the pool. Or, get this, someone made diarrhea in the water. Ewwww!!! E. coli, according to the report, can cause skin rashes and ear infections.

Of course, the study does not draw conclusions for all pools in the United States, but it does make us more aware of the possible contaminations found in any pool. Also, it reminds us to shower before getting in the water and to be more vigilant about checking the little ones’ diaper.

There will be plenty of pools to swim in while on vacation in Hawaii, especially at your hotel. Some hotels, like the Hilton, are known for their elaborate pools and water slides. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them; it just means that you need to cleanse with hot water and soap immediately after swimming. Or consider swimming in the ocean, where there’s more water circulation.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 30, 2013