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Piece of Paradise at Diamond Head

We stumbled upon this really cool beach park at the base of Diamond Head Crater. It has a nice shaded grassy area next to the ocean and a pavilion perfect for barbecuing. The park was completely unoccupied, and for a weekend day in Waikiki, that seemed really weird.

But weird is good, apparently, if you enjoy having a beach park to yourself! We posted up in the shade and had a spontaneous lunch picnic. There’s a rock wall that stretches along the shoreline to the neighboring Makalei Beach Park. A few passer-bys sat on the wall and watched the small ocean waves below lap against it.

Right now, I’m calling this the No Name Pocket Beach because I still don’t know it’s official name. No signs posted, except for a blue sign listing the park rules. I actually like that it’s an off-the-map sort of place, which is also probably why the park was completely empty.

It’s nice to snorkel the beach in front, just be careful getting in, as there are no steps. I believe the beach park over has a staircase to get into the water, though. Another flaw would be parking. Because this secluded park is tucked in between houses (mansions) and right off of the main road, you’d have to park near Kapiolani Park or in those ritzy neighborhoods. It’d be about a 5-minute walk from there.

It’s nice to know that places like this pocket beach still exists in the Honolulu frenzy of today. It’s also nice to imagine what it was like back in the day, before the hotels and before air pollution; I’d imagine it would have been something like this place.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 25, 2013