Behind the Scenes with Jake Shimabukuro

Recently on NBC’s live broadcast of the TODAY Show at the Royal Hawaiian, Jake Shimabukuro was featured in 4 segments and absolutely stunned audiences with his ukulele performances. His talent with this Hawaiian instrument is beyond prodigious- it’s in a league of its own. Performing live for the cast, crew, and fans of NBC’s TODAY Show, Jake put on a clinic that was truly mesmerizing.

A handful of the hosts also got a chance to strum their own tunes on the ukulele, as Jake gave musical lessons on the lawn at the Royal Hawaiian. The mixture of e chords and d chords created a melody that resonated on the tradewinds. And the hosts smiled and laughed at their talent in comparison to the prodigy.

Revolutionizing ukulele playing techniques, Jake has pushed the envelope by taking his ukulele playing across the music spectrum ranging from jazz, blues and funk to bluegrass, classical and folk with marked ease. Producing multiple albums plus original compositions, the accolades Jake has received have come from distinct big names such as Eddie Vedder, Perez Hilton and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

With humble beginnings performing at a Honolulu café, Jake has evolved into a musical genius with an accomplishment list that would shock your socks off. From being declared a musical “hero” by Rolling Stone to playing for the Queen of England to winning multiple Grammy awards, Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, Hawaii Music Awards, and so much more, this ukulele master is at the height of his career.

With an outgoing personality and a warm heart, Jake was a great addition to the talent on display at the broadcasting event in Waikiki. A very loved musician in both Hawaii and Japan, Jake represents the musical gifts of Hawaii and the graciousness of the aloha spirit. If this isn’t enough WOW factor, I don’t know what is.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher