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Buckle Up on Hawaii Roads

If you’re driving in Hawaii while on vacation, make sure to buckle up. That means passengers in the back seat, too.

The new law includes children and adults; previously, adults didn’t have to wear seat belts when sitting in the back of a vehicle. I always thought that was a no brainer. Sitting in the back seat doesn’t necessarily mean you’re protected during motor vehicle accidents. Yet, there are still people who choose not don’t buckle up. I guess it’s with the mentality that there’ll be no legal reprecutions. But accidental death? Think again.

This coincides with the annual “Click it or Ticket” campaign encouraging drivers and passengers to buckle up when on the road. Those caught not wearing their seat belt face a $92 fine. In that case, drivers will be the ones cited.

The next driving safety campaign needs to target texting while driving. Too often, I see drivers with their eyes off the road because they’re too busy texting. I also see drivers talking on their phones, which in Hawaii, is also illegal. The hands-free law just hasn’t really been enforced like it should. That needs to change.

The state could possibly model a campaign after the many national ones already taking place. I’m sure most of you have seen those commercials showing how one texted word could kill or seriously injure a driver. To be honest, those commercials changed my mind about texting and driving. I made a pact to myself never to do it again and have been encouraging my family and friends to follow suit.

No matter where you’re driving – whether in Hawaii or at home – please drive with safety and aloha.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 20, 2013