Confiscated Items at Hawaii Airports

Since the Boston bombings, airport security across the nation has been severely tightened. However, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents continue to come across hazardous items and materials in travelers’ luggage – including at Hawaii airports.

TSA confiscated modified pressure cookers from the Hilo airport, according to the TSA blog. While no explosives were found in the luggage nor on the passenger, it is still scary to imagine what could have resulted from such findings. As most of us know, the two bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon had been made out of pressure cookers.

A few days later, TSA seized gunpowder from a checked-in bag at the Honolulu International Airport. Obviously, gunpowder is considered a hazardous material; therefore, the two one-pound cans were immediately taken from the luggage.

A hollowed-out book with a gun was found at the Honolulu International Airport.

TSA keeps a running blog of items confiscated from airports nationwide. Hawaii made the list of most unusual items found in 2012; a hollowed-out book with a gun hidden inside. TSA found it at the Honolulu International Airport and reported that it didn’t have a cylinder. It was among more than 1,500 firearms confiscated at airports last year.

Photo Courtesy: TSA Blog

Posted by: Bruce Fisher